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"What's outside of order, always threatens order! Always!"

You are the leader of a runaway group of civilians, escaping the claws of a planet-spanning empire that does not welcome dissidence. As the escape plan nearly fails when the group steals an empire-owned vessel and is pursued through the seas, they find themselves shipwrecked in an uncharted island. They're left with no resources, no technology, and no knowledge of how to fight monstruous regimes. 

Civilians turned Rebels. Leader turned Commander.
TAR is an in-development sandbox sci-fi colony sim.

  • Survive and thrive in a mysterious island forgotten by civilization
  • Manage the colonies resources and provide for the moods and needs of its population
  • Build shelter, farms, generators, defenses, decorations, production facilities and more
  • Fight against local and external threats, dealing with good and bad events as they come
  • Research, develop and discover technologies to aid in your fight for freedom
  • Explore by digging and mining beneath the island, uncover the underground's resources and expand downward
  • Procedurally generated map and dynamic events make each playthrough unique

  • Expanded Pawn body features (hair, body types), moods and behaviors
  • Socialization and Recreational activities
  • Health systems
  • Weather system
  • Animals
  • Underground features and discoveries
  • Many more dynamic events and world elements
  • More technologies tree, industries and resources
  • Empire units and empire-related features and events
  • Strategy Gameplay
  • Story and story-related events
  • Further mod support
  • ...and more!

Meet the team and their primary roles! As indies, each do much more than their main role, though.

The team first met online Early-2018, when Gabeux contacted Kirthos to request permission to use his mods in a modpack of a sandbox game. Mariana, Gabeux's sweetheart, assisted them with art and feedback in their modding efforts. 

After months of joking around the idea of going indie and making a game together, by the end of 2018 Kirthos silently started work on a prototype named TownCity. One month later, after inviting Gabeux and Mari over to aid with development, TownCity soon became Tech Age Rebellion and development continued in the spare time of the team's members - with Kirthos leading the technical development full-time.

* If/When the game is released on Steam, Keys will be sent to Itch.io backers!


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Windows Indev 1.2.3 (64bit) 246 MB
Version Indev 1.2.3
Windows Indev 1.2.3 (32bit) 243 MB
Version Indev 1.2.3

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Very good game. Like Dwarf Fortress but with a real UI. If I can suggest, I have some ideas:

- crops and apples way too much quick to grow. After 4 days I had 5k of wheat. (1)
- no infinite seeds. I think is better 1 wheat = 10 seeds (or so). After 4 days I had 5k of wheat. (2)
- less apples, but more vegetables (potatoes, beans, tomatoes).

- copper for electricity


Anyway the game is very fun.


Hello! We're glad you're enjoying it! Maybe you'll be happy to know your suggestions are in our future plans. As an example, the Flora Update may bring some of those in, such as seeds and some additions and rebalancing on the food production.

Thank you for the feedback!


Are you planning to support Linux?


Sadly actually we don't plan to support Linux or Mac. We prefer to focus on the Windows version and add more content / features to the game before thinking about doing a Linux or Mac build. But it's not excluded in the future.


I bought the game, but when it start I see only a blue screen, with some UI. How can I play?
I tried many resolution and settings. No luck.


Hello, I'm really sad to hear that.
If I understand correctly, you can use the menu but when you create a new world the game bug?
Can you tell me your screen resolution, number of screens (if you have more than one) and your OS?
And what version you use 32 or 64 bit?


Hi, good news. Now the game is running smooth. All I have done is a good old restart. Don't ask me why now is running. Thanks.


We indeed found a bug that can occur on the very first launch of the game.
It will be fixed in the next update.


[EN] A good Rimword like game, pretty cool this is a worth it game for 10 bucks  i definitly highly recommand it.