TAR DevLog #5 - New Year, New Log

Hello, TAR team here. 

First of all, we at Compiled Games, hope you all had wonderful celebrations and wish you the best for 2020! 

Secondly, we must apologize. There wasn't a devlog last week, although it was supposed to have one.
We may bring up the devlog interval to 2-4 weeks, as it does interrupt the workflow of the whole team when we're writing one (as we like to have everyone involved in reading and writing it when possible). We can mitigate the devlog delays by using our Twitter account and our Discord #showcase channel more to show the progress of new updates.

Status Update - Flora & Farm

Inherent to the year's end, our work rhythms have inevitably slowed. The normal work pace is coming back, and we still managed to get a few things done.

For the Flora & Farm Content Update, a lot of the items and recipes have been finalized on a graphical and code level. We're already through the largest bulk of work.
We're currently progressing on the art side, and adding potential Quality-of-Life improvements and quick new features on the code end. Meanwhile, we've started more focused testing and balancing for the Update. Balancing is always a reasonably tough and subjective matter, and we don't necessarily expect it to be totally perfect right away. It's one of the reasons that player feedback is so important!

Reworked Build Menu 

We're happy to say that the Action (Order/Build/Zone) menu was revamped:

A quick look on the new Action menu

While still getting its job done, the old menu was quite visually intricate and almost messy. It seemed cool on paper, but we weren't happy about its visual when it hit the screens. The new menu has departed from all its lines and round icons, becoming a smoother and cleaner piece of UI. More work on it is planned in future updates.

The update will also include a few items beyond the Flora theme, such as an 'electrical switch' mechanic - intended to give players more control over the electrical grid and to bring some basic logic into the game (Day/Night controlled Switch, for instance).

Again, we thank you all for your feedback, interest and support in the project! 

We would also like to thank YouTubers and Content Creators. We've had videos on TAR in English, German and Japanese, which were amazing surprises. Besides providing visibility, it constitutes important and valuable feedback that allow us to very clearly notice what works and what don't.. along with finding and fixing some bugs. 😅 

Like always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
Thank you for reading - Have a good week, and see you soon! 

- CG

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